Home Depot Data Breach:
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Home Depot Data Breach:

by LKCS Team | Aug 14, 2017
Home Depot recently confirmed a nationwide breach of its customer's personal data at the 2,200 Home Depot stores in the United States from April through September 2014. This data breach could prove to be on the same scale or larger than the Target breach last year.

Century Federal strongly recommends that all members that have conducted transactions at Home Depot using their debit and/or credit cards carefully monitor their accounts for any suspicious or unknown activity. Home Depot stated that it has not determined whether a breach actually occurred, but customers will not be responsible for any possible fraudulent charges on their credit or debit cards if one did.

For more information, we recommend concerned members read Home Depot’s statement on the matter, posted to their internet webpage.

With the recent rash of data breach notifications, Century Federal continues to recommend that all members regularly monitor their debit and credit card activity. For more information on ways to protect against identity theft, please see the numerous security articles (Phishing Scams, Heartbleed Security, Century Federal Security Enhancement) posted below.