Army Veteran Bruce Banfield can cheer up anyone with his humor!
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Army Veteran Bruce Banfield can cheer up anyone with his humor!

by Zenia Bahel | Nov 11, 2017

Bruce Banfield is Century Federal Credit Union’s IT Network Administrator, who’s wit and sense of humor is unmissable. Bruce joined the United States Army in 1986, and served until 1990 as a Fire Support Specialist. Bruce’s duties involved managing communication and logistics for fighter planes and artillery. Bruce was in the 75th Infantry Regiment, and was the 3rd Ranger Battalion stationed at Ft. Benning, Georgia in Special Operations Command division. 

However, Bruce’s time in the army doesn’t end there; after getting out in 1990, he joined the Ohio Army National Guard 16 years later in 2005 and served until 2009. Bruce was an Information Technology Specialist, a role he continues at Century Federal Credit Union. Bruce, while describing his experience of serving in the military, says, “The Military has completely shaped the way I approach almost everything I do, especially in the work place.  The values and dedication to your job and those around you, and making sure that the job gets done right have been very important and valuable takeaways from my service in the military.”


Century Federal is extremely thankful to Bruce for his service to our nation, and for his commitment and dedication to his work, and to his team members. We #ThankYouForServing!

(Published in November 2017)