It's Simple to Switch to Century Federal!

Over the years, we have developed a simple system to help you make a smooth and easy transition to our services. We have designed form letters to help make your switch to Century Federal easier. Use these convenient forms to close your accounts and change your Direct Deposit* and Automatic Withdrawals.

If you need help completing these forms just stop by one of our seven branch locations or call our Member Support Center at (216) 535-3200, (800) 615-2328 outside the local calling area.  Our friendly staff will walk you through the simple steps of changing your accounts to Century Federal Credit Union.  Here’s a check list of institutions you may need to contact:
Direct Deposit
Your employer’s human resources department
The company handling your retirement or pension payments
Social Security Administration
Anyone who makes automatic withdrawals from your account:
Mortgage Company
Insurance (homeowners, auto, life)
Auto Loan Company
Cell Phone Company
Anyone who makes automatic charges to your old debit or credit cards
Utility Companies
Telephone/Cable/Internet Companies
Fitness Center
Click here for Downloadable Switch Forms

* If you receive deposits other than payroll direct deposit, such as retirement or Social Security payments, contact the depositor for instructions on changing these deposits to your new Century Federal Credit Union account.