Educational Seminars

Research has shown that employees who are financially stressed can lead to an                                    increase in absenteeism, work time spent on personal financial matters and                                          healthcare costs along with added turnover. All of this can lead to decreased                                         productivity, decrease health quality, decreased job satisfaction and really have a                                 huge impact on a company's bottom line.

Century Federal provides the following Financial Education Modules as a value-added                             service to you in helping your employees better manage their finances:

  • Avoiding Bank Fees & Saving Money
  • Achieving Credit Excellence
  • Protecting Yourself from Fraud
  • Home Ownership 101
  • How to  Build Stronger Credit, Bigger Savings and a Better Life
  • Debt Management



Contact our Business Development Team at 216-535-3222 or to schedule one of these informative seminars at your company/organization.

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