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Annual Meeting

Every year the Century Federal Credit Union hosts an Annual Meeting to review the prior year's financial statement and discuss all of the new things happening with the Credit Union. The meeting includes dinner and a gift for each member in attendance. Raffle prizes are also given out during the meeting as well. If necessary, a Board Member election is also held for the three open seats, available each year. 

When is the Century Federal Annual Meeting?

The Annual Meeting normally takes place on the last Thursday of March every year. The date for the 2020 Annual Meeting will be announced in 2019 Fall.   

The doors usually open at 4:00pm for members to sign-in, enter the raffle drawing, visit the information tables and find a seat. Dinner is served around 5:00pm and the actual meeting is called to order around 6:00pm and usually lasts 60-90 minutes.  

Where is the Century Federal Annual Meeting held?

The Annual Meeting is held at various locations throughout Cuyahoga County. The location for the 2020 Annual Meeting is due to be announced.  

Who can attend the Century Federal Annual Meeting?

All Century Federal Credit Union members are eligible to attend the meeting. This includes spouses and children. 

Why is the Century Federal Annual Meeting held and who's eligible?

Annual meetings are required by the National Credit Union Administration, as the membership owns the credit union. These meetings are to share with the membership, the state of the Credit Union each year as well as vote on any pertinent changes or Board elections. Every member age 16 and over, who has $5 in their share account (which is the required membership fee) is eligible to vote. Every member who is 18 and over is eligible to become a board member or other volunteer position at the credit union. Employees and their family members are not eligible to become a volunteer of the board or sit on any committee. 

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