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Annual Meeting

Each year, Century Federal Credit Union hosts an Annual Meeting to review the prior year's financial statements. This year's annual meeting will be held on Thursday, March 23, 2023.
The meeting will be held virtually via zoom. During this live webinar, you will be able to utilize the chat function to send your questions in real-time! These questions will be relayed to the panel and answered in the order in which they are received. In addition, you may email your questions ahead of the meeting at so the panel will be prepared with answers to those questions before the webinar begins. 

The instructions that you will need to join this Zoom webinar are included below. If you choose to join the live video feed, it is our recommendation that you click on the link well in advance of the meeting date to test the functionality from your computer. (You may also attend this webinar using your smartphone or tablet by using this link.) Please note that if you do not wish to attend the live video feed, you are also welcome to simply listen in by dialing in from your phone using the Telephone numbers and Webinar ID included in the instructions below. It is important to know that if you choose to simply dial-in and listen, you will not be able to submit your questions for the panel in real-time through the chat feature in the live video feed. In this case, you would need to submit your questions in advance as noted above.

In the event that you have problems or questions, please feel free to email us at and we will be happy to guide you through setup.


 Link will be provided closer to the date of the Annual Meeting. 

Meeting Agenda

  1. Call the Meeting to Order
  2. Secretary Ascertains a Quorum is Present
  3. Chairman Entertains a Motion to:
  4. • Change the Order of Business
    • Dispense with the reading of the Annual Meeting minutes from the prior year
    • Approve the prior year’s Annual Meeting minutes
  5. Chairman’s Introductions
  6. President/CEO’s Introductions
  7. Supervisory Committee’s Report
  8. Chairman’s Report
  9. Treasurer’s Report
  10. Election Results
  11. Open Forum Questions
  12. Closing Remarks
  13. Motion to Adjourn


When is the Century Federal Annual Meeting?

Thursday, March 23, 2023 at 6:00pm   

Where is the Century Federal Annual Meeting held?

The meeting will be held virtually. More details to come when they are available. 

Who can attend the Century Federal Annual Meeting?

All Century Federal Credit Union members are eligible to attend the meeting. This includes spouses and children. 

Why is the Century Federal Annual Meeting held and who's eligible?

Annual Meetings are held to share the state of the Credit Union each year, as well as vote on any pertinent changes, or conduct Board elections. Every member age 16 and over, who has $5 in their share account (which is the requirement for membership) is eligible to vote. Every member who is 18 and over is eligible to become a Board Member or hold other volunteer Board positions with Century Federal Credit Union.

Century Federal Credit Union employees and their family members are not eligible to become Board Members or sit on any committee.


The role of the Board of Directors is centered around providing leadership, setting strategy, introducing programs, creating policies, establishing an annual budget, ensuring the financial health of the organization, establishing and declaring dividend and interest rates, complying with the Federal Credit Union Act and applicable regulations, and meeting fiduciary responsibilities to ensure that the financial needs and expectations of the credit union membership are being addressed and met.

The duty of the board of directors is to meet the needs of the membership of the credit union. No individual board member has the authority to speak on behalf of the board, to direct or instruct the activities of credit union (unless doing so in accordance with our bylaws or written policies).  A director must act with the care that a prudent person would exercise in a similar position, putting the interests of the credit union first and strictly upholding the policies and regulations relating to the operation of the credit union.

The standard term for an elected Board member is three years. This comes with a commitment to attend monthly Board meetings, the annual planning retreat and to serve on various board committees.   The Board meets on the fourth Monday of each month to review the financial performance of the credit union, vote on various policies and approve a list of new members.

As a candidate for the nomination to the Century Federal Credit Union Board of Directors, you need to be a current member in good standing, and you should be at least 18 years old.  A resume and a short biography addressed to the Nominating Committee are required.  This short biography should highlight your experience and your motivation to serve on the Board and should be submitted prior to the closing of the standard nomination process: December 23, 2022.

All candidate correspondence should be addressed to:

The Nominating Committee
Century Federal Credit Union
4600 Rockside Road, Suite 204
Independence, OH  44131
Ph: 216-535-3137; or
Via email:

In the application for nomination letter, you must provide a statement declaring that if elected you agree to serve your term. The Nominating Committee will inform you by e-mail if you are nominated to run for the Board in the up-coming election.  If you missed the deadline for the standard nomination process, you can still be nominated by petition.  A petition must be signed by 25 or more CFCU members (in good standing), clearly providing the name, the signature and the SEG affiliation of the petitioner. The petition must be received by the Credit Union by the cutoff date of January 30, 2023, for the petition to be valid.

CFCU Bd of Directors Nomination-Petition 2023