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New Card Holder Gets: 

Platinum cc small image

  • 1% cash back on every purchase made - It's on auto mode
  • No limit on cash back amount
  • No minimum to redeem cash back
  • No annual fees  

New Card Holder Gets: 

  • Points for all purchases rewards cc small image
  • Double points on gas, groceries, restaurants (excluding fast food) and pharmacies 
  • Redeemable points can be used for cash, gift cards and purchasing a wide range of products from furnishings to houseware, listed here.  
  • No annual fees 

Choose between our myChoice Rewards VISA® or Platinum Cash Back VISA® : CFCU Credit Cards together small

  • Excellent for building credit history 
  • Get credit line of up to $2,500
  • Fixed APR of 16.90% 
  • Available for young adults 18 and over (Applicants under the age of 21 will require a parent or guardian as cosigner)

New Card Holder Gets:

business visa cc small image

  • Offers purchase rewards, purchase convenience, high credit limits and detailed reporting 
  • Purchases earn points that can be used for airline travel. New card holders earn 500 bonus points 
  • Manage your money with accurate easy-to-use reporting tools 
  • No annual fees 

Century Federal’s secured credit cards are A Better Way to build or rebuild credit. A secured credit card looks and acts just like a traditional credit card, except that it is tied to a security deposit that is used as collateral for the credit card account. And members have the option to select either our

Platinum Cash Back Secured VISA® or myChoice Rewards Secured VISA®

CFCU Credit Cards together small

  • Choose between earning cash back or rewards for purchases
  • Build or repair your credit 
  • Refundable security deposit held in your Century Federal savings account
  • The security deposit is the value of the credit limit, plus 25% of the line amount

For example: A credit limit of $500 will require a $625 security deposit held in your Century Federal savings account.

Get started today with three ways to apply:

To report a lost or stolen Century Federal VISA Card:

  • 800-449-7728
  • (TTY) 800-221-7728

Traveling? Call Century Federal First!

Traveling is an exciting experience. To avoid any issues using your credit union credit or debit cards on your trip, call our Member Service Center prior to your travel plans. By noting upcoming travel on our records and in our system, we can ensure uninterrupted usage of your credit union cards. During normal business hours please call the Member Support Center at 216-535-3200.