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About Century Federal

Century Federal Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial cooperative existing to serve its members. Credit unions, like Century Federal, are less likely to charge service fees than banks, that are for-profit institutions. We do not issue stock or pay earnings dividends to outside stockholders like other financial institutions. Instead, earnings are returned to members in the form of lower loan rates, higher interest on deposits and lower fees.

Century Federal Credit Union, chartered October 10th in 1948, is one of the largest credit unions in Northeast Ohio with over $400 million in assets and serving the financial needs of over 34,000 members at 350+ Select Employee Groups (SEGs) throughout the Greater Cleveland area.


Ira "Dave" Wilde

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Our Board Members are elected by you to represent the needs of the members. They are here to ensure that Century Federal Credit Union provides the best products and services. Feel free to contact them, by clicking on the email icon, with any questions or comments. For concerns about fraud, waste and abuse please contact Supervisory Committee Chairman, Jimmy Davis.

  • 2023- Century Federal celebrates 75 years of service to our membership. Century Federal completes a core conversion with system upgrades to Online Banking, Bill Pay, Voice Banking, and Live Chat.
  • 2022- Century Federal welcomes The City of Cleveland.
  • 2021- Century Federal is one of the largest credit unions in Northeast Ohio with over $400 million in assets and serving the financial needs of over 34,000 members at 350+ Select Employee Groups (SEGs)
  • 2020- Century Federal opens a new branch in Richmond Heights in 2020
  • 2019 – Century Federal moves its Sherwin-Williams Branch to the lobby of the Midland building to provide members who work and travel downtown better accessibility to the branch. Century Federal launches new Online and Mobile Banking system.
  • 2018 – Century Federal merges with RTA Hayden Federal Credit Union and adds on 700+ new members. Century Federal's North Olmsted Branch gets renovated for a better in-branch member experience. 
  • 2017 – Century Federal opens new branch locations in Independence, OH at 4600 Rockside Road. Century Federal launches new website. Century Federal launches new Debit and Credit Card Alerts. Century Federal launches new credit card app.
  • 2016 – Century Federal replaces ATMs at the North Olmsted and Lyndhurst branches. Century Federal launches EMV chip cards for all debit and credit cards.
  • 2015 – Century Federal relocates Wade Park VAMC branch to new location on the first floor of the VAMC.
  • 2014 – Century Federal launches Remote Deposit Capture through the Eagle Mobility mobile app. Century Federal launches the GM Discount program & Benefits Plus program.
  • 2013 – Century Federal celebrates 65 years of service to our membership. Century Federal launches its version of Mobile Banking, Branded as Eagle Mobility. Century Federal launches the myChoice Rewards Visa Credit Card
  • 2012 – Century Federal opens new branch location in Strongsville, OH at 14244 Pearl Road.
  • 2011 – Century Federal launches new SMART ATMs at NASA, Wade Park, and AJC Federal Building branches. Century Federal launches online banking.
  • 2010 – Century Federal expands Guy H. Thorpe Memorial Scholarship Program to $10,000 and four recipients.
  • 2009 – Century Federal expands ATM Network to include over 20,000 nationwide surcharge-free ATMs. Century Federal assets grow to over $300 million
  • 2008 – Century Federal welcomes 2,500 new members through the Sherwin-Williams Employees Federal Credit Union merger.
  • 2007 – Century Federal assets grow to over $200 million. Century Federal is recognized again as one of the Best Employers on the NorthCoast99.
  • 2006 – Century Federal welcomes approximately 200 new members through the B&O Employees FCU merger. Century Federal adds approximately 250 members through merger with Menorah Federal CU.
  • 2005 – Century Federal opens new branch location in Lyndhurst, OH at 5465 Mayfield Road. Century Federal is recognized as one of the Best Employers on the NorthCoast99. Century Federal implements new Cross Sell Manager Software in December
  • 2004 – Century Federal assets grow to $186 million.
  • 1999 – Century Federal upgrades financial software.
  • 1997 – Century Federal is ranked among the top 5 credit unions nationwide based upon return to member index.
  • 1995 – Century Federal adds over 700 new members including 200 from the merger of Double Seal FCU at Dairymen's.
  • 1988 – Century Federal installs in-house computer system. Century Federal installs Call 24 voice response system. Century Federal celebrates 40th anniversary.
  • 1987 – Century Federal assets grow to over $45 million.
  • 1984 – Century Federal relocates the teller office in the federal building from room #137 to room #183.
  • 1983 – Century Federal receives approval from the NCUA to include employees of the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland into the credit union membership.
  • 1982 – Century Federal implements a full-service Direct Deposit program. Century Federal assets stood at $20,800,000, a $2,000,000 increase over the previous year.
  • 1980 – Century Federal expands offices on the seventh floor of the Federal Building to more than 3,000 square feet. Century Federal is given authority to receive direct deposit of members' net pay or social security checks. Century Federal is authorized to offer share drafts to members.
  • 1979 – Century Federal is authorized to participate in the Ohio Student Loan program.
  • 1973 – Century Federal opens new branch location at NASA at 21000 Brookpark Road.
  • 1972 – Century Federal converts from hand posting to a batch computer system with SBC.
  • 1948 – Century Federal Credit Union is chartered to serve the financial needs of federal government employees in the Cleveland, Ohio area.