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Personal Line of Credit / Overdraft Protection

A Century Federal Personal Line of Credit can provide the financial support you need precisely when needed. Our Personal Line of Credit is a revolving credit line that operates much like a credit card, allowing you to access extra cash up to $35,000 instantly. You can also use the funds available on the line of credit to protect against checking account overdrafts, giving you extra peace of mind.

 How Does it Work?
  • In the event of an overdraft on your Share-Draft Checking Account, the Personal Line of Credit will automatically advance to cover the overdraft item
  • Advance on your line of credit through Online/Mobile Banking or any of our branch locations
  • Make your loan payments through Online/Mobile Banking or any of our branch locations
  • Flexible Payment Options
  • If you never advance on the Personal Line of Credit, there is no finance charge
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And Don't Forget - You can add money to your monthly budget by skipping one qualifying loan payment each year for a small fee. Learn more about Century Federal's Skip-A-Pay Program.